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Raw data for the following publication are available on Zenodo:
Detection of Metabolite–Protein Interactions in Complex Biological Samples by High-Resolution Relaxometry: Toward Interactomics by NMR
Z. Wang, S. Pisano, V. Ghini, P. Kadeřávek, M. Zachrdla, P. Pelupessy, M. Kazmierczak, T. Marquardsen, J.-M. Tyburn, G. Bouvignies, G. Parigi, C. Luchinat, F. Ferrage, in J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 9393–9404.

The raw data include:

  • Raw NMR data for relaxometry experiments, divided by donor sample. For every donor sample 2 or 3 different samples were used in order to record data at 19 different magnetic fields.
  • Data from fast field-cycling relaxometry. All the data is in one xlsx file, divided by donor sample.
  • Relaxometry results for alanine, lactate, creatinine and glutamine, obtained from the fitting of their relaxation decays recorded at 19 different fields, for the sample of each donor.